La 4Ťme journťe Saulaie Maraiche

le 14 juillet au CCBD Lille

On the 14th of July was in Lille, France, the day of the "Saulaie Maraiche" , organised by Francis and NoŽlle Lecae. We were invited with our "Tsar de la Saulaie Maraiche". So we went to Lille, to a little ring-club in the centre of the old city. The day started as usual in France with croissants and coffee, and then there were grooming demonstrations by Francis Lecae and Wim Boer to see the difference between the French and Dutch grooming.
There was enough time to meet old friends and to make new ones. We were happy so see Urak de la Saulaie Maraiche, (IPO3) and now starting in Ring, Omer de la Saulaie Maraiche,(IPO 3) you would not give him his 10 years! As well as many others, such as Buck, and 4 month-old Django
Django The bouviers were judged by a team of three: Myriam, Cristophe and Wim.

Every dog showed what he could do in obedience or protection. There were trained dogs, starters, as well as young dogs.

Also the handlers were different: very expierenced trainers versus young promising talents.

 After some discussion between the judges, they decided to give the "Coupe de la Saulaie Maraiche" for the best bouvier of the day to "Arry de la Saulaie Maraiche"(picture right)
 Underneath some little movies to give an impression of the day.

Diner and wine with friends

Protection with Urak and other participants

Tsar de la Saulaie Maraiche

Thomas Lecae and Circee
 It was a good day, the bouviers present were good, the wheather was fine, people were nice, what could you ask more?
 Thanks Francis, NoŽlle and Thomas for your hospitality!

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